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Oil filter is to your car as kidneys are to your body. Like your kidneys that purify blood circulating in your body, the oil filter of your car works round the clock to get rid of contaminants from the engine oil. To ensure your oil filter keeps performing the way it should, schedule oil changes in Santa Rosa at regular intervals. Not all oil filters are made equal. If you think just any oil filter can do the trick, think again! The importance of using a quality oil filter cannot be emphasized e...
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Get Your Car Ready for Summer!

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Summer is knocking at our doors. While taking steps to prepare your home and devices for summer, do not forget about your car. Summers are characterized by dust, heat and dryness. A cocktail of these factors can drag down the performance of your car. Imagine your car breaking down in the middle of a busy street on a hot, sunny afternoon. Sounds scary? It is! To avoid going through this nightmare, in addition to scheduling regular oil changes in Petaluma, follow the tips below. 1. Get Your Air C...
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Balanced tires are essential to keep your car in the desired shape. When your tires are unbalanced or bald, you are not only risking your life as well as of others, but also risking the performance of your car. Unbalanced tires also cause a number of problems. If you notice that your tires are not balanced, you should make sure not to ignore it. You should identify the symptoms to avoid problems, and get your car checked by a top tire and auto repair shop near you, like McLea's Tire and Automoti...
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The Importance of Regular Car Maintenance

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Your car, just like any other device, requires regular maintenance to work the way it should. Some drivers, however, downplay the importance of timely automotive repairs and maintenance in Petaluma, often declaring regular vehicle checkups as a waste of money. When the systems of their car start falling apart, they realize how wrong they were. As a responsible driver, you should avoid this pitfall at any cost. During maintenance sessions, your mechanic performs a number of tests to diagnose curr...
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Signs Indicating That You Need a Suspension Repair

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Are you not sure if you need a brake repair service in Petaluma? Well, things related to motor maintenance often come out of the blue moon. You might not be aware of the hidden damages, but they are slowly growing inside your car. Thankfully, there are some early signs shown by every vehicle. Monitoring these signs early can help you save hundreds of dollars. We figure out the signs that indicate the need for a suspension repair. Why Do You Need Suspension Repair? Most people often take the s...
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Key Auto Shop Benefits Revealed

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It’s finally time for you to search for the most reliable auto repair shops near me. But were you aware of the benefits you are entitled to if you booked an appointment online? When the world is looking for the perfect “win-win” scenarios, you are on the verge of enjoying one such offer! Online booking is a type of upgraded scheduling. This particular feature not only helps the automotive repair shop owners to gain new clients but also helps customers in multiple ways. Therefore, it is one o...
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Importance of Ensuring Timely Oil Changing Service

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By the time you have finished reading this blog, you should start looking for an oil change near me. Why is it so? Well, if you have been an avid user of cars, you should know the importance of regular oil change. Proper maintenance of your car would ensure that you don’t end up into a situation that forces you to call up a towing service in the middle of a highway. Regular oil change is one sure way to keep such problems at bay. In fact, an oil change is the most important practice you can im...
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Before you start looking for auto repair near me, it’s time to pay attention to your vehicle’s fuel needs. Fuel prices are rising higher than ever. Although considered one of the largest exporters of crude oil, the price for fuel is subjected to rise more than ever in the United States in the upcoming years. Amidst such turmoil, if your car ends up consuming too much oil, it’s a sure way of welcoming wrinkles on your forehead. Now the question might come up that life is meant to be fast, and...
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The Kind of Automotive Service Experience You Want is Available at Mclea's Tire & Automotive

At Mclea's Tire & Automotive, we perform maintenance and repair services to keep your car running in top condition. We're proud to be a family-owned business committed to providing you with an easy and hassle-free experience. . .

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From lubricating different parts to preventing energy loss, the engine oil of your car performs a number of functions. Over the years, players in the automobile industry have introduced different types of engine oils. . .

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